What is the liquid inside the Heating pad?

The liquid contains salt, water, vinegar and sodium acetate which is a food additive.  The outside layer is made of a PVC plastic which is very resistant to extreme heat and stretching.


Why won't my heating pad activate?

The Heating-Pad must be in a liquid state and below 50° C (122° F) before it will activate. If the pad is too hot it will not activate. When you activate a warm pad, it will not crystallize and turn white; the pad will go cloudy and remain mostly liquid, this is because only the liquid that is below 54° C (130° F) will crystallize and the rest will remain liquid to generate heat as the pad cools. In this way a warm pad will remain near its maximum temperature until all of the liquid has crystallized. Occasionally it may require a few flexes of the disc but the pad should activate.


How is the heat produced?

Bending or “clicking” the coin located in the liquid pad causes a reaction to occur which makes the liquid crystallize and this crystallization is what causes the heat to occur.  Important note: After the liquid has crystallized make sure you massage the pad to make it soft and pliable.  This will cause the pad to stay hot for the specified amount of time depending on its size.  This crystallization ALWAYS occurs at a temperature of 54C (130° F). The pad will not activate if it is above this temperature. Once activated, the heating pad has available to it a predetermined amount of energy. It will use this energy to increase the temperature of the pad to 54 o C and use whatever is left to maintain that temperature. This ability to produce heat for a period of time is accomplished because all of the liquid does not crystallize immediately. Molecules that were not required to heat the pad to its maximum temperature will remain liquid, and crystallize as required, to maintain the maximum temperature. This means that a pad that is warm will maintain its maximum temperature longer than one that is cold.


How do I reuse the pad?

Once the Heating-Pad has given off all of its heat it will remain in its crystallized state until it is recharged.   To recharge simply place the heating pad in a pot of boiling water for approx. 5 to 10 minutes depending on the size of the pad (larger pads take longer to boil)  until all the crystals are completely gone and the pad is back to its original liquid state.  Once completely liquified, remove the ClickIt Pad from the water and store it until it is required.  You may store the heating pad anywhere other than your freezer (freezer can cause damage to the heating pad) The Heating- Pad should remain liquid as it cools. If crystals start to form as the pad cools this means that it has not been boiled long enough and should be re-boiled. Recommended boiling technique:  Place water in a pot and bring the boil to a rolling boil.  Once the water is boiling turn off your stove/burner and place the heating pad in the water.  In this way you do not have to worry about forgetting that you were boiling the pad.  This may take a bit longer to recharge since there wouldn't be a constant heat.


How long does the heat last?

Depending on its size, starting temperature and insulation, the Heating-Pad will provide heat from between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Starting at room temperature and used as a heating pad, it will remain at its maximum temperature for approximately one hour and slowly cool to room temperature in about two hours  If you use the pad immediately after it has been recharged/boiled, (wrap it in an extra layer of towel as it will be very hot) it will give off heat as it cools and then may be activated while still warm. In this way the pad may last a longer period of time


How many times can they be used?

There is no limit as to the number of times a Pad can be used. There are pads still in use after five years. The pad will not operate if there is a hole in the plastic. If there is a hole in the plastic just place the pad in a plastic bag so the liquid does not leak everywhere.  Follow the instructions on www.clickithotcold.com to have your heating pad exchanged under warranty.


What are the white crystals that form in the liquid pad?

If the Pad has been stored in its crystallized state for an extended period of time, a small amount of water can evaporate from the pad and cause the solution to become more concentrated. This higher concentration is indicated by "snowflake like" crystals in the liquid pad. The pad will still operate but at a slightly higher temperature. This water loss can be substantially reduced by storing the pad in its liquid state and may be reversed by extending the boiling times and by leaving the pad in water to cool.


What happens if my heating pad gets a hole in it?

If  a liquid Pad gets a hole in it, it will activate. The pad is then not able to be recharged and must be exchanged. The contents are not dangerous and may be dealt with as if you were dealing with normal salt.  Follow the instructions on www.clickithotcold.com to have your heating pad exchanged under warranty.


What is the best way to use the pad outdoors when it's cold?

Just before you go out, pre-heat the liquid Heating-Pad in a sink of hot water. (the hotter the better) Store the pad as close to your body as possible (don't activate the pad) and you can use this heat to keep you warm as the pad cools. Once the pad has cooled to a point where you are getting cold, activate the liquid pad and it will heat to keep you warm longer.


Can I use the pad as a cold pack?

Yes the pad can be used as a cold pack. Place the pad in your refrigerator (NOT THE FREEZER) for an hour before use then simply use it as you would a cold pack. The Pad will remain cold for an extended period without being too cold. TIP:  Store the pad in your refrigerator in its original liquid state.  This way the pad is always ready to be used as a cold pad since it is cold from being in your refrigerator.  And all it takes to get heat is to simply bend or “click” the coin and you will have instant heat no matter how cold it was coming out of your refrigerator.  If you want the pad to be hotter and for a longer period of time let the pad go back to room temperature before activating the heat.


How do I make the heat last longer ?

Heat the liquid Heating-Pad in hot water before using and then activate. Pre-heating the pad does not change the maximum temperature of the pad but will dramatically increase the duration of the heat. When using the pad immediately after recharging/boiling, wrap the pad in an extra layer of towel. The pad will remain hot/warm for anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours out of the water.  Once the pad starts cooling off simply bend or “click”the coin and the pad will heat back up for another 30 minutes up to 2 hours.


When using the pad outdoors in the winter,  store it under your clothes as close to your body as possible. In this way the pad will be kept warm to achieve maximum heat when activated. The warmer the pad is when it is activated, the longer it will stay hot. Click It Pads will activate on their own if they are frozen. If this occurs, the pad must be recharged before use. To avoid this always store the pad where it will not freeze.


Always store ClickIt Pad in its liquid state. If you leave the pad in its activated state for extended periods, water evaporates from the pad making it more concentrated. This higher concentration is indicated if in its liquid state there are white crystals in the pad. This evaporation can be reversed by immersing the pad in simmering water for extended periods and leaving it in the water to cool. This process may have to be repeated but will eventually return the pad to its original condition. The pad will continue to work even with the crystals in it but will form harder crystals. Preheating the pad before use will improve its performance.